HWY-1 Transport Ltd. provides the fastest and most dependable services for transporting your inventories. Competitive pricing, quality, safety, and environmental stewardship are all integral components of our value proposition.

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients and work diligently to ensure we exceed our client's expectations. Our goal and motto is "Provide maximum customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding expectations."

At HWY-1 Transport Ltd your priority is our priority. We understand the crucial role time plays in the shipping industry. For that reason, we concentrate on timely pickups and deliveries and provide constant and effective communication from start to finish.

Our track record in the transportation industry has proven to our customer that we are committed to provide:

     Safe and Reliable transport solutions
     Fair rates as our customers operate in a highly competetive marketplace

This commitment has created a partnership with our customers so we are able to understand their needs and provide them with a high level of customer service.

Our staff of professional drivers and customer service personnel will transform time into another asset to your balance sheet. We work around the clock, giving you continuous accessibility and up to the minute tracking information, to help you manage your supply chain efficiently and profitably.

     We Provide 24/7 Personal Commitment to your freight
     Safe and Legal transport of your containers
     Customer Service is our main focus
     Timely Pickup and Delivery
     Secured area for container storage


     20 ft Tri-dem Chassis
     40 ft Tri-dem Chassis
     40-45 ft Extendable Chassis
     40-53 ft Extendable Chassis
     20-40-45 ft 12 Point Combo Chassis
     50 ft Flat Deck
     53 ft Flat Deck
     Dry Van

We provide maximum customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding expectations